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Edit/Manage Assets

An asset is anything within Cascade CMS that can be used to generate content. Assets are files that can be created, edited, and managed inside the CMS. For reference, these are our most common assets:

  1. Page - an HTML page. 
  2. PDF - static content created by an external program. This type of file is imported into the CMS.
  3. Image - static content created by an external program. Images are also imported into Cascade.
  4. External Link - a symbolic link to a specific URL of a webpage outside of your Cascade site.
  5. Folder - a container within Cascade that acts a parent asset to other assets.

Open All Tabs
  • Edit a Page

    Select the desired page in the Site Content menu on the left of the interface. Once the page has loaded, click the Edit tab.

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  • Move Assets

    Select the desired asset in the Site Content menu on the left of the interface. To move the asset, click More on the far right and then click on Move.

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  • Copy Assets

    There are two ways to copy an asset inside of Cascade CMS, from the More menu (three horizontal buttons) or the context menu, accessible by right-clicking on any asset.

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  • Versions

    As changes are made to assets in Cascade CMS, the system keeps track of the changes in separate copies of the asset called Versions.

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