Upload a PDF File

Uploading a PDF to Cascade CMS is done through the Common Asset Factory, using the red plus sign for adding content. We recommend your documents be saved in PDF format because you can ensure the security of the content and they are viewable on any device, including mobile devices.

To upload a PDF:
  1. In the Site Content tree on the left, click on the _assets folder. Then click on the pdf folder. You can upload the file directly to the pdf folder, or you may create a subfolder within the pdf folder to upload the file.
  2. Look for a red plus sign in the topmost header area of the page, and click on Red plus sign to add content Add Content.
  3. Inside the Common folder, select PDF from the dropdown menu.

    Add Image

  4. Drag and drop a PDF file from somewhere on your computer into the browser window, or choose one from your computer. The File Name will automatically populate with the file name previously given to the PDF file. 


    Do not use spaces or capital letters in the name of the PDF file. 

  5. Click Preview Draft. After previewing the draft, click Submit to save the PDF file to the CMS.
  6. The PDF file has been successfully saved to the CMS. You should now Publish your file.
  7. Click Publish. Select one or more destinations to publish to (Staging and Production).


    Please make sure to select both destinations (Staging and Production).