The Web and Digital team administers and governs the overall digital strategy across all University of Miami campuses. We work with the rest of University Communications, as well as other University organizations and third-party firms, to deliver innovative digital solutions that advance the University’s mission and reputation.

Our team supports two content management systems, Cascade CMS and ExpressionEngine. Cascade CMS is the enterprise platform. We also administer the University's Web search tool.

To help clients throughout the University fulfill their web communications needs, our team designs and develops websites that are implemented in Cascade CMS, creating a cohesive organizational digital presence.

The Web and Digital team provides various training options to help clients create and maintain their digital content. Our most common offering is Cascade CMS "Basic" Training, now available online.

Responsible for the University’s digital signage initiative, our team administers and governs software that networks UM’s flat screens, desktop screensavers, and kiosk touch displays.

Some projects, especially fully customized or large-scale solutions, may fall outside our resource capacity. In this case, we act as a primary consultant working with University areas to ensure the result is compatible with the overall UM digital strategy.

The Web and Digital team is the primary touchpoint for administering and interpreting web content policy. This includes working with areas who are not in compliance and also approving changes to the existing policy.