CMS Administration

The University of Miami uses content management systems (CMS) to collaboratively create, edit, review, and publish various kinds of material for display on the web. There are a number of active content management systems being used in different areas of UM, but our team officially supports two, Cascade and ExpressionEngine.

Cascade CMS is the enterprise platform offered and managed by the Web and Digital team. It provides an easy resource for both novices and HMTL experts to use for creating branded websites, consistent with the University's central branding efforts. By using the central CMS, individuals can create more effective content, integrating their content with modules and resources shared among the rest of the University.

We recommend that users consider utilizing this central CMS before considering to either implement or participate in another solution. 

In addition to Cascade CMS, we also support the University’s ExpressionEngine iterations, used predominantly on the Miller School of Medicine campus.