Create an External Link

An external link is an asset that points to a website outside of Cascade CMS. External links are useful when you need to include external websites in your dynamic left navigation menu.

To create an external link:
  1. In the Site Content menu on the left, click on the folder name where you wish to create the External Link.


    Refer to the Left Navigation page to learn more about how the navigation is automatically generated from the hierarchy and order of the folders created within the Site content menu.

  2. Look for a red plus sign in the topmost header area of the page, and click on Red plus sign to add content Add Content.
  3. Inside the Common folder, select External Link from the dropdown menu.

    Add External Link
  4. Fill in the Link Name and Link.

    Link settings for an external link


    The Link Name should be named "index" like all other pages in the site.

    The Link in the Link Settings is where you paste/type the URL of the External Link you are creating.

  5. Click Preview Draft. After previewing the draft, click Submit to save to the CMS.
  6. The file has been successfully saved to the CMS. You must now Publish your page.
  7. Select one or more of the outputs to Publish to the destinations selected. 


    It is our suggested best practice to Publish first to only the Staging destination. Once you have tested your External Link on the Staging environment, you can then Publish to the Production destination.