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Dynamic Left Navigation

Your site’s left navigation is automatically generated from the hierarchy and order of the folders within the Site content menu. This type of navigation is called dynamic navigation because it’s automatically generated and updated.


The text that appears in your site's left navigation depends on what you enter into the Display Name field when you create a folder. In contrast to the Folder Name, you could include capital letters, special characters, and spaces in the Display Name.

Each folder also has a setting that allows it to be included in the left navigation. Selecting No will hide the folder from the left navigation.

Folder settings in Cascade CMS

Navigation Order

Folders within the Site content menu, as well as assets within a folder can be reordered as needed. Since your site's left navigation is generated by these folders, reordering the folder order will in turn reorder the site's navigation order.

Refer to the Navigation Order page for more details.