Main Menu Bar

Learn how to add or edit the main menu on your UM website.

What is the Main Menu?

Explaining the Main Menu parts


Edit the Main Menu Bar

How to edit the main menu bar:
  1. In the Site Content menu on the left, click on the _cascade folder. 
  2. Inside the _cascade folder, click on the site-assets folder, then click on the main-menu folder.
  3. Click on the main-menu asset.

    Main Menu in Site Content

  4. Click on the Edit tab. You can also right-click on the asset, and choose Edit.

    Edit the Common Nav

  5. Navigate to the main-menu section. You can choose to Enable the navigation menu by checking Yes


    If unchecked, the main menu will not appear on your website, and will revert to the common-nav-simple menu (if enabled).

    Main Menu enabled

  6. Inside the Main Navigation Menu section, input new or edit existing top-level menu items using the Main Menu Item field(s). 

    Main Menu Item options in Cascade CMS

  7. Each Main Menu Item consists of a Label, Link, Dropdown Menu Column(s), and Dropdown Menu Item(s). Type or paste a Label for each menu item.

    Link, Label, and Column in Main Menu Items

  8. Link your Label using an Internal Link or an External Link. To specify an internal link, click on the page chooser and navigate to the desired page to select it. To specify an external link, type or paste a URL in the external link text box.
  9. In the Dropdown Menu Column section, add a Dropdown Menu Item. Each column must contain at least one menu item and may have up to eight menu items. 


    You can have up to two columns per Main Menu Item.

  10. Click Preview Draft. After previewing the draft, click Submit to save these changes to the CMS.
  11. The menu has been successfully saved to the CMS. You must now Publish the entire site, since the navigation is found on every page of the site.

    Publish entire site in Cascade


    Avoid publishing your entire site during business peak hours. Publishing entire sites consumes bandwidth in the University's publishing queue