Common Navigation Bar

Visual Explanation of Common Nav Bar


How to edit the common navigation bar:
  1. In the Site Content menu on the left, click on the _cascade folder. 
  2. Inside the _cascade folder, click on the site-assets folder, then click on the common-nav-simple folder.
  3. Click on the common-nav-simple asset.

    Dropdown Navigation Bar

  4. Click on Edit.

    Edit the Common Nav

  5. Navigate to the Menu Group section. In this section, you can choose to Enable/Disable the navigation menu. 
  6. Input new or edit existing Menu Items using the Menu Label field(s). You can have up to six menu items. 


    Every Menu Item must have at least one Dropdown Item. The first dropdown item must be a duplicate of the Menu Item, with the Show for Touch Enabled Devices Only feature checked on. This duplicate will show only on touch enabled devices (phones, tablets, etc.) and will be hidden on all other devices.

    Show for Touch Enabled Devices

  7. Input new or edit existing Dropdown Items using the Item Label field(s).
  8. Click Save & Preview. After previewing the draft, click Submit to save these changes to the CMS.
  9. The menu has been successfully saved to the CMS. You must now Publish the entire site, since the navigation is found on every page of the site.

    Publish entire site in Cascade


    Avoid publishing your entire site during business peak hours. Publishing entire sites consumes bandwidth in the University's publishing queue