Left Navigation Order

Folders within the Site content menu, as well as assets within a folder can be reordered as needed. Since your site's left navigation is generated by these folders, reordering the folder order will in turn reorder the site's navigation order.

To edit the navigation order:
  1. Select a folder within the Site content menu by hovering over the asset name and clicking on the arrow that appears to the right of the name. The contents of that folder will display on the right hand side of the window, ordered alphabetically by their system name.
  2. Click on the heading of the second column titled Order. Toggle the display of the folder items between ascending or descending numerical order.
  3. To move an item, click-and-drag it to the appropriate place.

    Reorder asset order in CMS

  4. The order will be automatically applied, however, the folder that’s been reordered should be published to reflect the changes on the live site.


    After reordering your folders, make sure to Publish the parent folder and all its subfolders. This will ensure that all pages on your site that include the reordered left navigation will display the new order.