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People Website

Learn how a basic people profile works, and how to add "advanced" information, including biographies, videos, and related links on the People website.

Anatomy of a Basic Profile Page

The "basic" information (honorifics, first and last name, email, phone, and office location) that appears on a people profile page is created using data derived from Workday. Individual faculty and staff members can update this information themselves in Workday, which then will be automatically fed to the profile.

Anatomy of basic people profile

Anatomy of an Advanced Profile Page

In addition, individuals can work with their People Profile managers to consider and add additional "advanced" information to their profile pages.

Anatomy of an Advanced People Profile

  1. Basic information:Displays information derived from Workday, which users can edit and update themselves in Workday.

  2. Profile Image: Displays the profile image for the people profile. Learn how to add a profile image via Cascade CMS.

  3. Profile Video: Displays an official YouTube or Vimeo video about the profile. Learn how to add a profile video via the CMS in the Bio/About Me section.

  4. Advanced Content Tabs: Displays additional information about a person, including their biography, career information, research, media/outreach, and clinical. Can be added via the CMS.

  5. About Me: Displays the profile's professional biography. Learn how to add a profile biography via the CMS in the Bio/About Me section.

  6. Related Links: Displays links related to the profile, e.g. their department's website. Learn how to add related links via the CMS in the Bio/About Me section.

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