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Cascade Basics

Cascade Basics covers many of the essentials of interacting with Cascade CMS and the interface.

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  • Logging In

    Using a web browser, go to http://cms.miami.edu. Log in using your CaneID and CaneID password. You need an active CaneID and have completed a training session with the Web & Digital team in order to log in.

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  • Dashboard

    Cascade’s Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in.  It is a one-stop place for the management of your content, with movable widgets to set your own personal favorites.

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  • Interface

    Cascade CMS 8 introduces a completely redesigned and reorganized interface, composed of the top menu bar, the asset tree, and the workspace. The menu bar is the dark gray bar across the top portion of the screen. The asset tree on the left displays a hierarchial view of the folders and files that make up your site's content. The right pane of the screen, your workspace, will display whatever you are working on.

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  • Account Settings

    To access your account settings, click on the user menu button and then click Settings.

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  • Context Menu

    The context menu, accessible by right-clicking on any asset, provides you with a shortcut menu of available actions for that asset. Only actions you have permission to take will be available in the menu.

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  • Comments and Mentions

    All assets within the Site Content area support threaded commenting to provide a discussion about the asset.

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