Add a Profile Biography

Learn how to add a biography to a profile page on the People website.

What is a Profile Biography?

Bio on Sebastian the Ibis' People profile


Add a Biography to a People Profile

To add a biography to a people profile:
  1. In the Site Content tree on the left, select the data folder. Find the name of the profile you would like to edit by navigating to their division/department folder. 


    You could also use the Search bar in the Cascade menu (upper-right-hand corner of the interface) to search for a profile. We recommended using the first and last name of the person as the search terms.

  2. Select the profile. Once the profile has loaded, click the Edit tab.
  3. Inside the Bio / About Me section, expand the Summary section.
  4. From the Type dropdown menu, choose About Me.
  5. In the Title field, input a title for your biography, e.g. About John Doe or About the Vice President of Admissions.
  6. Paste or type biography into the Content field. Use the WYSIWYG for additional edits to the bio.

    Bio / About Me: Summary Section

  7. Now that you have added a biography, click inside the Basic Information section, and expand the Bio/About Me section.
  8. Check Yes to Show Bio / About Tab. Without this step, the biography will not be visible on the people profile.

    Show Bio/About Tab
  9. Click Preview Draft. After previewing the draft, click Submit to save these changes to the CMS.
To publish the people profile:
  1. You should now Publish the profile. Click on the Publish tab. Select one or more of the outputs to Publish to the destinations selected. 

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