Add a People Collection

Learn how to create a people collection on the People website. You will need to build a people collection before you can build a People List page on other UM websites.

What is a People Collection?

A people collection is basically a data set from Workday of UM faculty and staff. This group of people usually work in the same department, belong to the same committee, or are part of the same leadership team.


Build a People Collection

To build a people collection:
  1. In the Site Content tree on the left, click on the collections folder. Inside your division/department folder (e.g. acad-comm) select either the master-collections or other-collections folders.


    Select a folder by hovering over the asset name and clicking on the arrow that appears to the right of the asset name. The contents of that folder will display on the right hand side of the page.

  2. Look for a red plus sign in the topmost header area of the page, and click on Red plus sign to add content Add Content.
  3. Inside the People Assets folder, select Add People Collection from the dropdown menu.

    Add People Collection

  4. In the Page Name field, name the collection.
  5. In the Title field, give the collection a title.
  6. Assign a category using one of the available categories.
  7. In the Entry section, select either Employee or Folder type. If you select Employee, you will need to select individual employees one at a time. You can add more than one employee by clicking on the green (+) If you select Folder, you can select an entire department or office.

    People Collection options in CMS

  8. Click Preview Draft. After previewing the draft, click Submit to save these changes to the CMS.
To publish the people collection:
  1. You should now Publish your collection. Click on the Publish tab. Select one or more of the outputs to Publish to the destinations selected. 

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