As changes are made to assets in Cascade CMS, the system keeps track of the changes in separate copies of the asset called versions. Versions can be accessed from the More menu on an asset.

Each version shows you when it was Last Modified and the user who made the modifications. Cascade CMS also displays any Comments noted by the user during the asset submission process.

All these previous versions can be restored, deleted, or compared with the current version.

View Versions

  1. While viewing an asset, click on More, then on Versions.

    Versions in More Menu

  2. In the Versions window, you can view the Name or version number of the asset. Hover over the name to view the asset's path. You can also see the time this version was Last Modified and the user who submitted the version. Hover over the time to get the exact date and time. Lastly, you can view any Comments relevant to the version.

    Versions for Page

Restore a Version

  1. To restore a version, select it from the Past Versions and click the Restore this version icon.

    Restore Past Versions

Compare with Current

  1. To compare a past version of an asset with the current version, select it from the past versions and click the Compare with current icon.

    compare with current version

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