Types of Sites

Offered to the largest University areas providing them with the tools to build-out a complete Web site ecosystem.

Every family of Web sites created in the CMS can have a unique color scheme that extends across related subsites. For main University areas, they are granted a primary color scheme and a matching subsite scheme.

Sometimes an additional tier of colors to support more complicated, yet related Web site relationships is needed.

Supplemental Brand Subsites are sites that for a specific circumstance, require their own color scheme that is separate from the ones available as part of a Primary or Complementary offering. They must be approved.

News sites are used to propogate news, events, and to index publications. Areas granted a Master Brand Collection are typically also offered a news subsite.

"My" Sites are branded Web sites that can look like any of the brand offerings available, but that require authentication (login). They are typically used to present content only to internal audiences.

There are additional tactical sites that site managers may receive access to in order to create extensible content that they can surface on their own sites. This includes things like lists of people, news stories, operating status updates, and related content feeds.