Visual Identity Standards at UM

At the enterprise level, there are three main bases of information that provide info on how to appropriately create and use Web and digital collateral that is in alignment with the University's brand strategy.

1. UM's Web Content Management Policy

The Web Content Management Policy focuses on the rules and procedures that should be followed by UM content creators.

2. UM's Visual Identity Guide (est. 2008)

The core visual identity guide. It provides specific guidelines and standards for all mediums.

3. UM's Visual Identity Guide for Web and Digital Materials (est. 2015)

This expanded collection of materials deals with the University's continuing Web and digital brand efforts beginning from its relaunch of the University's main website in 2015.

Protecting our Brand

If you have discovered Web/digital content that you feel undermines the University's brand in any way, please contact or call 305-284-1600. For questions about Web and Digital branding policies and trademarks, visit our Policies page.