Enterprise Groups

In order to organize websites into their largest group hierarchy, the Web and Digital team classifies all sites into one of three University "enterprises."

Each enterprise's primary homepage represents the largest web-based "welcome mats" the University offers. This means that these three sites are the channels that hold the largest share of University engagement (when it comes to UM websites).

We file and classify all University websites into one of the three "enterprises," which allows us to consider basic policy exceptions and peculiarities that may need to be considered in support of the different missions these "enterprises" serve.

The naming and classification system is not meant to indicate what the purpose or objective of a site can be, but it offers cues regarding what some of the largest conversions are for most web properties filed in the same hierarchical area.

At this point, the Cascade CMS offering that allows users to manage and publish website content only supports Academic Enterprise sites. Patient Service sites and Fan Engagement sites are managed by different services and so will not be further discussed on this website.