Visual Identity for Web

The Visual Identity Guide for Web and Digital Materials should be used for all officially-branded Web pages and HTML-rich e-mails, and wherever possible, other digital vehicles such as mobile apps and digital signage.

Administration and Governance

This material describes how we organize and classify all Websites at UM, with special attention paid to our logical structure and terminology.

Browsing our visual identity this way is best for people interested in knowing how we administer and govern the brand, and how the Web and Digital team classifies and organizes properties within the system. Browse that content by visiting our Administration and Governance page.

Guidelines and Rules

This material presents guidelines for the visual brand including cues for elements like Web page components, styles, and behaviors. This section is best for people interested in knowing what rules to follow and/or what flexibility exists when designing compliant Web and digital content.

Mandatory Compliance

The University's visual identity program is currently under construction. Third party vendors and UM teams NOT using the centrally offered CMS solution should focus on the following PRIORITY compliance items while the rest of the pages in this section are being finalized.

Complete Guide (under construction)

Larger Basic Guidelines
Additional Items