The footer is a global page element that is required for all University of Miami websites. There are three standard components in the footer—the University of Miami informal signature, custom column fields, and site legal disclaimer. Depending on the site map established by your school, college, department or unit, you can create several custom column fields to display your desired information. The footer can have multiple customs fields depending on the size of the site. The footer must always contain the full and official name of your unit.




Standard Information (Mandatory)

  • Informal U Miami logo
  • Contact Information - Update editable field to current site infomation

Custom Columns (Optional)

  • Column #1
  • Column #2
  • Column #3
    • Visit
    • Social Media Icons
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • You Tube
      • Instagram

Standard Disclaimers (Mandatory)

  • Copyright
  • Emergency Information
  • Legal Disclaimer