Visual Identity Guide

Top universities employ strategic, well-executed communications to help build their excellence—and graphic identity is a prime element of effective marketing and communications. The University of Miami’s visual identity system forwards this goal.

By its very nature, a university is a consolidated assembly; the strength and quality of each part reflect upon the whole as well as other individual units. A cohesive and consistently applied graphic identity is an important tool that helps reinforce our message and presence and thereby serves to advance the University.

Visual Identity Policy

The University Visual Identity Manual provides specific guidelines and standards for the system in all forms of University communication. Adherence to these guidelines is vital for the University to be represented in a uniform and consistent fashion.

To maximize the benefits of a visual identity system, it must be used in a consistent fashion. It is the University's policy that the signatures, logos, type fonts, and marks described in the manual are the only authorized marks to be used in all University communications. Within the framework of the system there is flexibility to accommodate the needs of units throughout the University.

The University's Office of Communications and Marketing, a unit in University Communications, is responsible for the system and for ensuring that the visual identity of the University is preserved and enhanced through effective, well-designed communications. It manages and monitors the use of the system and makes system graphics available to the University community and other authorized parties.

If you have questions concerning the system or need to obtain graphic signatures, send your e-mail query to

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