How Websites Are Organized

In order to understand the different types of websites offered in the content management system (CMS), it is necessary to provide an overview of how we organize and classify websites at the University of Miami.

Largest Organizational Hierarchy: Enterprise Groups

The largest organizational grouping used to classify websites in our organizational system places sites into one of three University "enterprises." The main homepage for each of these "enterprises" has the largest quantities of web traffic and can easily be separated from all other websites based on metrical magnitude. Essentially, the homepage for each "enterprise" represents the largest "front doors" that the University offers to its web target audiences. They are: the Academic Enterprise, the Patient Service Enterprise, and the Fan Engagement Enterprise.

The Academic Enterprise Group

The Web and Digital team currently only supports Academic Enterprise sites. Patient Service sites and Fan Engagement sites are managed by different services and organizational areas outside of the Division of University Communications.

The Academic Enterprise on its own is a very large group. It includes all sites supporting Admissions, Student Affairs, Alumni; all college and school sites; all administrative unit sites; and most research sites. In addition, it includes tactical sites like the University's people search website and other strategic content sites like the ones containing University news and events.

Branded Website Collections and Types of Sites

In order to best facilitate and enable the orderly build-out and maintenance of websites, the Division of University Communications Web and Digital team offers a complete branded template suite for the largest organizational areas. Each area strategically considers and architects their own ecosystem (consisting of the websites they mandate) using an array of site types we provide in that bundle.