Main University Areas Offered Complete Brand Suites

In order to best facilitate and enable the orderly build-out and maintenance of websites using the software we administer and govern, the Division of University Communications Web team offers a branded template suite to the University's largest organizational areas.

Each area strategically considers and architects their own website ecosystem (consisting of their websites) using the materials we provided.

Anyone interested in building a new website, therefore, can do so by working through their parent organizational area listed below. Although we offer service to the following areas, not all of them have engaged with us.

Colleges and Schools

  • School of Architecture (ACAD-ARC)
  • *College of Arts and Sciences (ACAD-AS)
  • School of Business Administration (ACAD-BUS)
  • School of Communication (ACAD-SCOM)
  • School of Education and Human Development (ACAD-EDU)
  • College of Engineering (ACAD-ENG)
  • School of Law (ACAD-LAW)
  • Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (ACAD-RSMS)
  • *Miller School of Medicine (ACAD-MED)
  • Frost School of Music (ACAD-MUS)
  • School of Nursing and Health Studies (ACAD-SONHS)
  • Graduate School (ACAD-GRAD)
  • Division of Continuing and International Education (ACAD-DCIE)

University Areas

  • President, Compliance, Board of Trustees, General Counsel (ACAD-COMM)
  • University Communications (ACAD-COMM)
  • Business and Finance (ACAD-BUFIN)
  • Provost Office (ACAD-PROV)
  • Student Affairs (ACAD-STUAF)
  • Advancement (ACAD-ADVAN)
  • Alumni (ACAD-ALUM)
  • Admissions (ACAD-ADMIS)
  • Library (ACAD-LIB)
  • Emergency Management (ACAD-EMMGT)
  • Italics indicates the areas that have NOT worked with the Web team and activated their collection in Cascade CMS. If your area is not listed, trace the organizational structure up from your work-group to one of the parent units on the list.  
  • An asterisk "*" indicates only partial engagement at a limited sub-site level has been pursued, which is an exception and not the recommended process we follow. To begin working with us, e-mail or call 305-284-1600.